We know you’re gonna love this one.

Seeing as Monero is the ultimate stealth currency, it deserves a secure way to store and spend your coins from a completely airgapped device. As a privacy & security focused project, the ANONERO team has identified 3 issues with existing options:

- Centralization: Dependence on a small group of hardware wallet companies that can drop Monero support on a whim.

- Security: Crypto-specific devices are easily identifible and can attract unwanted attention.

- Accessibility: Desktop cold-signing UX is cubersome and prohibitive to non-technical users.

Enter ANON + NERO: a DIY hardware wallet solution for Monero

Nothing screams to the world that you have crypto like owning a Trezor/Ledger device, so using 2 Android devices, one offline (ANON), one online (NERO), users can now create, sign, and broadcast airgapped transactions from their own DIY hardware wallet.

While a cold-signing feature currently exists on the CLI wallet, the UX isn’t something most users will want to deal with. ANON + NERO leverages the power of the Uniform Resources (UR) standard to transmit Monero’s relatively large payloads via animated QR codes.

We’ve also created the necessary UR types so that all Monero wallets using UR will be cross-compatible. That means ANON can be used in combination with NERO, or any other wallet that plans to implement UR support, such as Feather Wallet.

All you have to do is open up NERO and start spending as you would on a normal wallet. The app will then take you through the steps to export and import the necessary info in the correct sequence to complete the transaction.

All over QR, entirely airgapped. And they said it couldn’t be done.

Check out the demo video: https://odysee.com/ANONERO:3

Grab the APK from our onion site: http://anonero5wmhraxqsvzq2ncgptq6gq45qoto6fnkfwughfl4gbt44swad.onion/#download

View our source code here: http://git.anonero5wmhraxqsvzq2ncgptq6gq45qoto6fnkfwughfl4gbt44swad.onion/ANONERO/

Donations address: 8BQFYQTDMr9ibTsi3QMutG4EW3Gwv9a8N1XRLV95QBrg5THWSAt8no6GKgXErgEYzAUMiEoqZ6zHYUewj27bmvRD7JBCGmf

Note: ANON & NERO are in early development. Feedback, criticisms, and bug reports are welcome in our Telegram chat: https://t.me/anonero