This is an insignia to place on your website to build confidence with Monero buyers and businesses who want to develop a self-sustaining economy.

Businesses that use the MECP graphic:

🟠 Pledge to only use the profits of their Monero sales to purchase other products or services with Monero.

🟠 Pledge not to use exchanges to convert their Monero into a fiat currency.

🟠 Pledge to seek out and transact with other MCEP businesses where possible.

I’m currently creating a list of businesses that want to join this pledge. You can apply here:

    620 days ago

    While I do admire the pledge and I hope it succeeds, IMO, it’s a bit too idealistic given how few people currently accept Monero. My suggestion is to have three tiers…platinum (the above)…gold (add “where possible” to each level) and bronze (add “or other crypto” but not fiat when not possible).

    • @MoneroMasterOP
      220 days ago

      Thanks for your input - this pledge does not exclude people working with Fiat, it’s more so that they keep Fiat with Fiat and Monero with Monero.

      Not all businesses will be able to do that and that’s ok, some will have to limit the number of clients they take this way but it’s still a good step to get the Monero culture moving in that direction 😁

  • click the link, immediately get redirected and Cloudfare MITM attacked.

    anyway, yes, i totally stand behind this. the more monero gets pushed out, the more that our little economy needs to become independent and circular.

    Monero is the only crypto that has a chance of being worth owning in itself rather than just worth its conversion to USD. Real utility: privacy.

  • @bluedoves
    120 days ago

    you’re posting on substack with big tech,

    isn’t substack itself setup to pay fiat for subscriptions?

    why can’t you take your own pledge and use an XMR VPS?

    • @MoneroMasterOP
      120 days ago

      The pledge listed here is more a “word is my bond” social agreement to get folks thinking of a Monero to Monero economy, rather than a financial pledge or investment to me.

      I don’t have, nor do I plan to collect fiat subscriptions with Substack. At this point in time I’m using Substack more for convenience to test a concept. I’ll invest capital into infrastructure if people find what Monero Master is doing helpful enough ☺