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  • Apparently I get my world news from the history books, here’s a few examples you can look up:

    • 1967 Israel takes control of the entire Sinai Peninsula

    • 1971 Israel returns Sinai Peninsula to Egypt

    • 1982 Israel invades Lebanon after attacks from militants

    • 1983 - 1985 Israel slowly withdraws from most of southern Lebanon

    • 2000 Israeli completes withdrawal from Lebanon

    • 2005 Israel withdraws all military and civilians from the Gaza Strip and hands over control to the Palestinian Authority

    • 2007 Hamas violently overthrew the PA in Gaza (bet you didn’t cry about this)

    • 2023 Israel withdraws from Jenin in the West Bank after invading

  • You think Israel will just stop and leave the Southern half?

    Even if they did, they’re keeping the northern part and annexing it.

    I’m opposed to what Israel is doing but the truth is that Israel has repeatedly given back land they have captured during conflicts. So yes, they will not be annexing any land. As well, there is way too much international attention on them right now, whereas their approach of taking tiny bites has been subtle enough to avoid causing repercussions, so they most likely just go back to doing that at a later date.

    The thing I don’t understand about this invasion is what’s stopping Hamas from just relocating south with the rest of the Palestinians? Sure they’ll lose some heavier equipment that might be hard to move but they don’t have that much of it to begin with. If they stay and fight they’ll lose the equipment anyways, and only end up getting killed. Whereas if they leave with the civilians, then Israel will look stupid after invading Gaza only to find nothing. Huge failure for them.