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  • I appreciate the point you’re making, but I’m not entirely sure that on average slight differences indicates much of a biological component. Ie. trans or gay people having slight biochemical differences on average says nothing about any individual trans or gay person. Furthermore, there is very miniscule average difference between cis-AFAB and cis-AMAB brains so much so that I bet it would be impossible to find a sex difference between them for many.

    There might be a biological component to sexuality or gender identity, there might not be- it doesn’t really matter. It should be enough to say, I don’t like how I look, I want surgery to correct that.

  • Even assuming the passage is totally genuine, two fires had destroyed much in the way of official documents Tacitus had to work with and it is unlikely that he would sift through what he did have to find the record of an obscure crucifixion

    Why? If it was a popular myth, why assume he wouldn’t try to confirm/deny it

    According to Bart Ehrman, Josephus’ passage about Jesus was altered by a Christian scribe, including the reference to Jesus as the Messiah

    So? I’m not presenting evidence for him being a Messiah. I am saying there is some independent evidence of him existing.

    B. The second line in Tacitus that mentions Christ and his death was never noticed until after the mid-fourth century. So this second line is fake.

    I agree that is bizarre, but not proof of it being fake. Though should be taken with a grain of salt.

    This is why Bart Ehrman specifically dismisses Tacitus and Josephus. As do most other biblical scholars.

    Who is Bart Ehrman and why relay his beliefs rather than speak for yourself?

  • They wave nazi flags, they goosestep like Nazis, they believe in fascism like nazis.

    Of course there are still people who believe in Nazi ideology, but if they believe this: “American Nazies want more slaves. Minorities need to have more babies… as long as they stay poor and uneducated.” then they very likely aren’t that

    Not sure why you’re defending the honor of Nazis (or maybe you’re defending non-nazi white supremacists

    Saying a term is inaccurate isn’t defending them, you know that, and to suggest it is disingenuous.

    Eg. I don’t like pedophiles or serial killers, but calling a one the other is simply inaccurate.