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    A few reasons I clean before they arrive:

    • They’re not paid great so I’d rather not inconvenience them too much and let them get into their next gig faster.
    • I don’t want them putting non dishwasher items in the dishwasher and potentially ruining them.
    • You will lose items because they’re organizing your place and will put stuff not where you expect it.
    • They tend to do a deeper clean when they’re not focusing on cleaning up the smaller stuff you can take care of yourself

  • I would probably split it pretty broadly. Pre parents divorce was a great time. Once my parents divorced and changing schools at the worst time really aet me behind socially and I never really found who to be and was generally an unhappy person. Once I went to community college, I learned what I loved and found my intrinsic motivation from within. Post college has been nothing but a success as I continue to be myself, found an awesome wife, bought a house, started a family, and continue an upward trajectory.

    Chapter 1: early childhood pre parents divorce (0-9) Chapter 2: childhood to teenage years (10-18) Chapter 3: college, finding myself, and becoming an individual (18-22) Chapter 4: job success, family success, and true happiness (23-32) Chapter 5: starting a family (33+)