My Experience:

  • Used on October 24th, 2023
  • First time customer
  • Purchase a game key

The Positives:

  • Easy to navigate their website and pay
  • Relatively fast payments, coinpayments said it would succeed after 3 confirmations, but it took 10 confirmations

The Negatives:

  • Opened a support ticket and the support person said” it might be worth contacting our support team directly at They will be able to investigate the issue and provide you with a resolution.” due to not receiving my product after over 50 confirmations…
  • Haven’t received my product yet
  • They have a button below called “Click Here to Fix Awaiting Payment Order” and I have submitted proof, and they provided no response even far after their time frame of 1 hour.


0/5 – Product has not been received


0/5 – Not recommended


Still no response from support regarding the purchased game key. At this status it’s an SCAM

Update 10/25

No response on the issue, labeling it as a scam

Update 10/26

They fulfilled the order and the key works, this being said I still don’t recommend until they get better support and improve their system…

  • pokkst
    7 months ago

    It’s definitely not a scam, but their crypto payment processor does suck ass and will most likely need support intervention.

    There’s a lot of references to BitPay, but they seem to completely forget about their CoinPayments integration. I’ve used this site periodically since ~2014 (not all orders were crypto payments). I’ve made two orders recently, and while I did have to contact support to get them to recognize my XMR payment, I did eventually get my keys.

    For other sites that sell keys for crypto and/or XMR there’s also,, and (I think, haven’t used it in a while) G2A. Keys4coins selection is sometimes lacking though.

    • GonzoKnowsOPM
      17 months ago

      no communication they just furfilled the order