Hello, fellow Monero people

Some of you may know me as dan (is not the man) on the matrix (either matrix.org or monero.social account) or if you’re nioc, danbob. I have created a community meetup/events site meetup(dot)events . If you interested in hosting a meetup or privacy related event this is for you. There is two options to post an event:

  1. Create an account:
  • an email is only required as it will email you a link to create a password. Nothing else, admins dont know who posted an event.
  1. Create a post and join monero-community or ping me on the matrix or wait for an admin to approve

To follow meetup/events posted you can follow via rss for all posted events or tagged - monero

The application used to host this is Gancio

  • @adminMA
    42 months ago

    Cool site!

  • silverpill
    32 months ago

    @Danbob @monero Congrats. Unfortunately “Follow me” feature (there’s a button at the bottom) doesn’t work properly.
    The popup displays @relay@meetup.events address which can’t be resolved. However, @relay@www.meetup.events seems to be working.

  • @AlexAnarcho
    22 months ago

    Thanks this is really cool!

    I tried to register but couldn’t because of an error.

    But I did submit the next https://moneroof.info meet up in Germany on the 18th of April ;)

    • @DanbobOP
      22 months ago


      • https://meetup.events/feed/rss will follow all events posted


      • https://meetup.events/feed/rss?tags=Monero with tag/filter of monero


      go to https://meetup.events/export and under filter at the top select one and on the bottom it will show the rss link for that filter.

  • @itsmect
    12 months ago

    very useful, much appreciated