This is a complete rewrite in Rust of the UAD project, which aims to improve privacy and battery performance by removing unnecessary and obscure system apps. This can also contribute to improve security by reducing the attack surface.

Packages are as well documented as possible in order to provide a better understanding of what you can delete or not. The worst thing which could happen is removing an essential system package needed during boot causing then an unfortunate bootloop. After about 5 failed system boots, the phone will automatically reboot in recovery mode, and you’ll have to perform a FACTORY RESET. So make a backup first!

In any case, you can NOT brick your device with this software!

So the app itself is not going to cause any direct damage. The issue is more around how deep the bloatware sits, and whether some part of the phone’s OS really relies on that bloatware being there. But they do have debloat lists per OEM, so hopefully that means those, at least, are fairly OK to rip out.


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