Any ideas? I am attempting to write a script that uses sed.

If done this way it fails

  • rmdec=“sed ‘s/…$//’”
  • i1xmr=$(echo “$i1p/$apiresponse*1000” |bc -l |$rmdec)

But if i do it this way it works

  • i1xmr=$(echo “$i1p/$apiresponse*1000” |bc -l | sed ‘s/…$//’)
  • @shortwavesurferOP
    16 months ago

    Alright, I modified it and formatted it. However, for whatever reason, the output HTML in /var/www/html/index.html does not keep the formatting and is all just left aligned as before. That’s not really a problem, just more of a curiosity as to why it did not inherit the formatting of the input.

      6 months ago

      When using “<<-”, shell removes all tabs from the beginning of each line. So you have to use tabs for formatting inside your script and then spaces for HTML formatting, as in my example. Or use “<<” without dash to preserve tabs.