Today I found out that it’s actually a lot easier to contribute to Open Street Map than I thought. There are some serious gaps in house addresses in my area and I was painstakingly using the built in browser editor in the browser.

But, you can use a FOSS app (available on fdroid) called StreetComplete that makes it a lot easier to help out filling in the gaps in your local map data.

It’s really fun - kind of like Pokémon Go but you are actually making an impact 😁

  • Luke
    388 months ago

    Ugh yeah the small 4-person worker cooperative I’m part of has been trying to get Apple to let us enroll in their developer program for literally weeks now. Every time we clear some other nonsense requirement, there’s a new one right behind it; and we haven’t even gotten to the “pay $100 for the privilege of undergoing this process” part yet.

    I can’t believe Apple ever managed to build an application ecosystem around their products when they are so unfriendly to developers.

      68 months ago

      What? If you’re going to pay for it you just sign up and pay… If you don’t have your company registered before attempting that that’s on you. And if you’re really desperate you could just use a personal developer account which you can set up in like 1 minute. Not sure how this is an issue for you.